Weekend Quotable

weekend quotable no. 42


“Today you are You,

that is truer than true.

There is no one alive,

who is Youer than You”

Dr. Seuss


Nobody is Youer than You!

That is because you are a special snowflake.

An unrepeatable collection of brush strokes on a canvas. An unrecorded piece of music. An unrecited poem. A light in the darkness. A flame, that is capable of brightening up the stagnant darkness of a human soul.

Before you, there was no you.

Today you are You and that is truer than true.

The world is a better place for having you in it.

Your worth is without measure. Your contribution is real.

It is impossible to count.

How do we begin to calculate the atoms that make up your body? Or begin to understand the many, subtle, hidden ways in which you shaped human history? How do we ever honour your courage, or the tenacity you show in striving to be a better person?

Don’t listen to the assholes who run their mouth with ugly sentiments. To hateful words that don’t create a mouse fart of energy.

Listen to the good Doctor.

Be a better you. A greater you. An even more majestic snowflake.


Today you have a chance at something totally new.

To build and imagine something really true.

This is your moment to count amongst the very few.

Because there is no one alive who is Youer than you.


weekend quotable no. 41


“I have learned over the years

that when one’s mind is made up,

this diminishes fear”.

Rosa Parks


Get over yourself and do it already.

Stop dreaming, reflecting, imagining, telling everyone that one day, someday, when, if, and soon.

Don’t be afraid.

Face your fears because when you are afraid, you always run and hide. You distract yourself with all kinds of work that seems important, but in the end, leaves you unfulfilled and unsatisfied.

The key for being who you wish to be is in your decision to act.

The key is your ability to dig your ditch.

You will never outrun or wish away your fear, because you will never find the perfect time or the right moment to become who you are becoming.

Fear is like cancer. It hides inside all of us. We feed it with our doubt, anger, and anxiety. We give it life by belittling ourselves and hiding from who we were meant to be.

So please, make up your mind this morning. I will do the same.

Make a concrete plan of action. Write it down. Place it on your bathroom mirror, or on the side of the fridge. Make it visible, tangible, and attainable.

Don’t think of the last step. Think of the first step and anticipate the next step.

But do make up your mind.

Get to work today.

Don’t force your fear out of your life, learn to dig your ditch, right in front of it.

Your fear will rise again.

So, will your courage.


weekend quotable no. 40


“Peace does not mean an absence of conflicts; differences will always be there.

Peace means solving these differences through peaceful means;

through dialogue, education, knowledge; and through humane ways.”

Dalai Lama XIV


Peace is not the absence of war.

We can never ignore or wish away any of our conflicts.  They will always be there.  There will always be a handful more tomorrow.  We will always face people who don’t like us, don’t understand us, misunderstand our intentions, loathe us, and sometimes even wish us harm, metaphorically or literally.

Knowing we will face adversity tomorrow doesn’t make it easier, it just changes our all-out sprint into a long-distance marathon.

We cannot solve conflict with more conflict.  Fight gossip with more gossip.  Maintain the same loser friends, yet expect to be changed and inspired. We cannot allow our husband or wife to put us down and abuse us, and expect them to change.

We have to use dialogue, education, and all knowledge, to pursue peace through humane ways, but we must also know when enough is enough.

We need to know when to quit.  When to walk away. And when to stay and fight.

Some things are worth fighting for.  Others are like cancer and must be cut out and destroyed.

Take heart that you will always be in battle.

It doesn’t dull the pain, it changes your strategy.

Work for peace.


And don’t let the bastards grind you down.


weekend quotable no. 39


“The Soldier above all others prays for peace,

for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear

the deepest wounds and scars of war”.


Douglas MacArthur


We all face our own individual battles and wage our own wars.  We have our own scars and injuries, but we are not equal, and some of us, struggle more than others. 

Some wounds are easy and others seem to never heal.  They become deeply rooted.  They fester and bleed.  They are stubborn and refuse to scab over.  But regardless of who we are, and where we find ourselves, deep down, we are all the same.  Like the soldier, we all pray for a long-lasting peace.

Peace at last.

We pray for happiness, health, and fulfillment, but most of all, we pray unceasingly that at the end of our life, no matter what, we will look back, and behold a life that truly mattered.

Mattered to someone.  Mattered, even if the world didn’t notice or care.

We pray we have made the world better, perhaps a little prettier, and definitely a little bit less lonesome.

If you don’t pray for peace, you probably believe that you are better than no one and that no one is better than you.  But as Bob Dylan so beautifully wrote, if you truly believe that, then you have nothing to gain and truly, nothing to lose.

A soldier bears the brunt of the pain, because of the decisions so easily made in a comfortable room, by impulsive elected officials. 

You too bear the brunt of the pain of your upbringing.  Depending on who you are, like a soldier, you bear the pain and pressure of the spurns of time.

Don’t be afraid.

All wounds heal.  All storms subside.  They all dissipate into an unforgettable sunrise.  The scars you bear don’t define you.  They only remind you of where you have been.  How valiantly you have fought.  How much you have overcome.  What an unshakable character you’ve developed.

How resilient you are.  How magnificent you’ve become.

Today is November 11th.

Let us honour the soldiers.

Pray for peace

Fight for peace.

Stand still, amidst the chaos, and be at peace.

One day.

Just over the horizon.

You will see that it was all worth it.

There is no light without sacrifice.

A candle cannot light up the world, without burning the wax.


weekend quotable no. 38


 “Look to the future,

because that is where you’ll spend

the rest of your life”.

George Burns


Today is yesterday’s tomorrow.

Today.  Right now.

Right here.

Do you see the two paths that emerge in the woods?  One that is well worn and doubles back to your past, and the other one, that rough and uncertain, because it’s untrodden and leads to the future.

The past is comfortable.  It fits and suits us well.  It’s dependable.  Well worn.  Repeatable.  And this is precisely why, you need to leave it behind. 

Get a shovel.  Dig its grave.  Say a prayer and walk away.

Don’t look back in anger.

Look forward in hope.

Look to the future.

Live in the present.

Spend today, working for tomorrow.

A better tomorrow.  A genuine tomorrow. 

An unmeasurable tomorrow.  A tomorrow full of possibilities.

Don’t waste another moment crippled by fear.  Let go of your stories and invent new ones. 

It’s all invented anyway. 

Spend more time more time dreaming, a little more time doing, and a lot less time recollecting.

Take the road less traveled.

It will make all the difference.


weekend quotable no. 37


 “All that is gold does not glitter,

Not all those who wander are lost;

The old that is strong does not wither,

Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,

A light from the shadows shall spring;

Renewed shall be, the blade that was broken,

The crownless again shall be king.”

JRR Tolkien


Take heart, especially if you’re down.

Take heart because not all that is gold always glitters.  Not everything that you do may make any sense.  But a good way out is to make an actual decision.  A way out is to actually stick to a plan.  A way out is to get to work, sling that dirt, dig your ditch, and just let go. 

Let go of everything.  Turn away from everything you have done.  Close your eyes on who you think you are and where you think you are going.  Just let go.  Leap forward, and let life reveal the best direction to go.

You may feel like you’re lost, but in truth, there is nowhere you must be.  There is nowhere you must go.  There is nothing you must accomplish.  It is all imagined and you control the thermostat of your dreams. 

Being lost implies knowing how to take the certain path, but most of our happiness comes about in joyfully stumbling along.

You must let go of the world of measurement, and embrace a universe of possibilities.

Embrace what could be.  Imagine what will be.

Your mistakes probably sting a great deal.  Your failures sometimes feel like you’re really broken.  But take comfort in the thought that a fire can be awoken, with some effort, even from seemingly cold, abandoned ashes.  A light can always spring through the shadows. 

Hold on to hope. 

Don’t quit too early. 

Don’t lose heart.

You will once again be crowned a Queen.


weekend quotable no. 36


 "Feeling unsure and lost is part of your path.

Don’t avoid it.

See what those feelings are showing you and use it."

Louis CK


 Feeling stuck is damn tough. 

It feels like there is no way out.  Like time itself is stuck in a vengeful, monotonous, perpetual loop.  It appears as though all of creation has taken on a defensive arrogant posture, and is waiting for your next move. 

In those very moments of trial, we begin to think that everything we have done or have pushing through recently, belongs in the trash, next to our hopes and dreams.  We berate ourselves for believing that we have something great to contribute to the already vast piles of riches of the human consciousness.  That we are onto something.  That there is a wonderful purpose for our struggles.  That there is a reason for everything 

I’m not sure about you, but I do.

When I’m stuck, I have no answers and no strength to mumble new questions.  My every movement is slow and purposeless.  I get easily irritated and angry.  It is the perfect time to overeat and get busy with anything and everything.  I curse every mistake that continues to haunt me, but because I have grown in maturity a touch, I no longer give up. 

I don’t give up, because that is worse than being stuck.

I no longer avoid getting lost along the way.

The older I get, the more I realize that when we get stuck, it is because of something, not despite of nothing.

Being stuck means that you care.  It means that you wake up every day and you do what you can to make a ruckus.  You have given your time.  You have given great effort.  That is why you are stuck.

On a planet made up of mostly water, it is most certainly going to rain.

Being stuck sucks the wind out of you.

Time’s like these leave you numb and breathless.

Times’s like these are a sign, that you are further ahead, then you can imagine.


weekend quotable no. 35


 "The death of fear is in doing what you fear to do."

Sequichie Comingdeer


You will be forever burdened with an anxious, fearful, and unfulfilled life, until one day, you find the courage to rise-up, and fight back.

To do what you fear the most.

One day.


You much decide not to be afraid.

To push forward.

To let go and trust that doing good will indeed bear good fruit.  And how could it not?

Your constant fear of making mistakes and your worry of what people might say, cripples you beyond measure, and dwarfs your self-worth.  It hides your generous talents from your deserving community.  Your self-imposed exile, leaves the rest of us in unnecessary poverty.

Fear numbs and terrorizes your soul.

It keeps you at a distance.

It keeps you perpetually hungry and thirsty.

It makes you tired and frustrated.

Today is the day you find your courage.

Today is the day you find your tenacity.

Search your heart.  Search your mind.  Search your soul.

Find out what scares you.

Identify it.  Don’t hide from it.

Fight it.

Conquer your fear, by doing what you fear the most.



weekend quotable no. 34


The most difficult thing

is the decision to act,

the rest is merely tenacity.

Amelia Earhart


Everything in our magnificent universe is in perpetual motion.  This is why, it is most risky to sit back and do nothing.  Our indecision, or the temptation to sit back and wait, is itself a decision against yourself and the meaningful life you desire.

You must not be content with merely existing.  Of following the herd, and bleating on que.  You must resist losing your voice in the chorus of impeccably deafening silence.

You must commit yourself to be.  You must decide.

To be or to do, that is the question.

The most difficult thing you will face today, is your willingness and ability to choose.

We are often seeking comfort and reassurance.  We employ people who can make psychic predictions, or profess meaningless guarantees, because deep down we are anxiously crippled by our fear of failure.

What stands in our way is our decision to act.

Our choice to move forward.

There is a always a pressing decision that you must make right now.


This moment.

If you wait, you’ve already decided against it.  You’ve already braced yourself to resume the life you wish to flee.  You have stolen your ability to grow and change.

So, decide.

Leap first.  Make good plans second. 

Work those plans.

Leave your armature existence and become a professional about it.  Go to work digging your ditch.

Dig today.  Dig tomorrow.  Dig the next day. 

Dig in the rain.  Dig in the blistering sun.

Dig through the fog.  Dig through the blisters.

Dig through regret and despite yourself.

The rest is tenacity and time.

Decide first.

Bust your ass.



weekend quotable no. 33


Rain falls in real time,

and rain fell through the night.

No dress rehearsal,

This is our life.

Gord Downie


Time is just a concept. 

Life is real.

Some of us have traded in the best years of our life, for the promissory existence of the weekend.  We are terrible mathematicians.  We have willingly sacrificed five days of the week for the price of two.   

We work hard, and we really do mean well, but we stubbornly hold on to the illusion that one day, perhaps tomorrow, on day, we will get what we want. 

One day we will retire.  One day, we will begin to live the life we have dreamed for ourselves.  We tell ourselves that we will have more time.  When our kids have grown.  Our house is paid.  We have enough return on investment.  We will have more of everything.  More time to do anything we want. 

We make a grave mistake.

We falsely reason, that because we lived yesterday, we are bound to see tomorrow.

But rain falls in real time and rain fell through the night.

You find yourself in your middle years and cannot remember where all the time went.  You cannot understand where the world went.  The world you knew as a child.

There is no dress rehearsal.

There are no do overs. 

One life.

Your life.

One time.

This time.

Quit doing and watching.

Start being and living.