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I'm only human


I’m only human.

What a defeatist cop-out. What a vicious and villainous way to make excuses. By blaming your misgivings and frustrations on the very thing that makes life beautiful.

Our humanity.

Look. I get it.

I get the frustration.

I get the disappointments. Failures. Mistakes. Accusations. The self-loathing. The self-questioning. The gut wrenching flashes that question whether its ever worth starting all over again.

But to say I’m only human, is to admit defeat by no longer wrestling with your humanity.

Just like Jacob who wrestled the Angel, we are meant to wrestle with our humanity. To push and pull at our stubborn nature and create something that has never been seen, felt, or heard.

That is our mandate and our mission.

To be human. Fully human, fully alive.

You are not the sum total of your mistakes.

Your human dignity and creativity gives you the opportunity to climb out of your ashes, as many times as you are willing to rise.

You are human.

Take great consolation in the fact that your humanity stands on the shoulders of some pretty cool giants.

You don’t have to know anything about nuclear fusion or the electrical currents, in order to create light. You just have to be willing to flick the switch.

You don’t have to pick cotton, or personally manufacture polyester. You don’t have to know how the zipper works. You don’t have to create new stitching techniques. You don’t have to make any dye that colours your thread. You don’t have to forge your own needle. You don’t have to make your own pencils, or grind a tree to a pulp, to create paper. You just have to be yourself, be human, and imagine a piece of fabric that will stun the eye with its beauty.

You don’t have to be exceptional or even gifted to make a difference. You just have to identify a need, fill it, and show the rest of us that there is another way to do something.

Forget the world.

Forget trying to please everyone and don’t live your life by their applause.

Why don’t you try it for us?

Why don’t you try being human for us?

Just us. Forget them.

You’re not only human. You are human.

Warts and all.

Colossal fuckups and everything.

How about we grow a little this year, and stop making excuses for ourselves, as to why we can’t be or can’t do, what we want to be and do.

The list of excuses and scientific evidence you have marshalled against yourself is simply enormous. You’re only human, and only a fool wrestles with Angels.

But there is a crack in your supposed scientific method.

You never put yourself or your knowledge to the test.

You give up before you start. You talk yourself out of it, before you even begin.

Or you quit before you get to the end.

You let the gaze and noise of those who don’t know you dictate how you’re going to conduct your business.

You lie to yourself that you’re only human.

So, have the courage to be human.

Don’t be afraid to fail.

Hold tight to your dreams and follow them.

Follow them through thick untrodden paths. Follow them through thickets full of poison ivy, if necessary. Run after them. Chase them. Run through the night. Fall and stumble through the day.

Don’t stop until you catch them.

Above all else.

Be human.

Be great.

Be you.


dumbbell curls


Bodybuilders call them reps.


They feel and grip a heavy dumbbell, curl it up and down, and repeat. They do this over and over and over again. Set after set. Day after day. Month after month. Year after year.

A lifetime of repetitions. A lifetime of teardowns, and rebuilds.

They embrace every rep even when it’s cold outside or when the outside air is blistering with unbearable heat. They squeeze a little harder and keep going just a little bit further, even when they’re tired. Especially when they’re tired. When they are tempted to quit. When they no longer believe or have any clarity of purpose. When they’ve been hurt by criticism or self-doubt. When they’ve had enough.

They keep going.

They keep repeating.

Set after set. Set after set.

You should keep going too!

Most champions aren’t born as winners. They train themselves to be champions by pushing deeper and further than the person who gives up, only a few strides before they make it.

Champions are made. They are not born.

They don’t save any energy for the swim back.

They are willing to die in the middle of a cold lake, racing towards the uncharted middle, with all their strength, beyond the pain, ignoring and expanding the energy they had reserved for the long swim back.

Reps prepare them for that.

Of course, life is a little less melodramatic than that. Our repetitions are a bit less exaggerated.

We are usually quite capable of swimming back to the shore, but what is hidden here, is the tenacity needed to win the race, at a heavy cost.


Because there is no coming back.

There is no do over. There is no dress rehearsal. This is our life.

And what are you willing to do?

Can you keep working, even when everyone else has gone? Not so your company can make more fat stacks of money, or that you feel like you’re, oh so close, to a promotion, but because it matters; because you are determined to make a difference. To live a life, you’ve always wanted.

How are you with your reps?

Can you write, sing, or dance, every day? Finish your book or the Sistine Chapel? Stick to your diet? Clean your house? Prepare your taxes? Quit smoking?

Get over yourself?

Curl some dumbbells?

Do what you said you would do.

This is all going to take some reps. A lot of reps.

Reps that will become monotonous and too predictable after a while. Reps that can be easily replaced or effortlessly ignored with far more important things. Especially when it aches so much, right here. Or you find a bit of a sniffle, right there.

You’re not a quitter. Your flaws and mistakes aren’t fatal. Nothing is fatal, until it is final.

Until then, it’s just you.

Surrounded by heavy, cold, and unfeeling dumbbells. Ready to be lifted, pulled, and curled.

Begging for your tenacity to be repeated.


setbacks and days of fog


This is not an exercise in failure. There is a subtle but important difference between experiencing our mistakes and living with setbacks.

Failure feels permanent. It burdens our soul. Setbacks, on the other hand, although we bear the same impact, do not produce the same lingering effects.

Setbacks are lighter.

In a sense, there really is no proper difference between calling something a failure, or a setback. To be honest, they are really one and the same, but our language is what matters. What we say. How we say it. What we do with what we say, makes a big difference.

Failure seems eternal. A setback feels temporary.

It doesn’t feel good. That’s for sure. It will never feel good.

But that’s ok.

We still experience the same angst, fear, worry, and dejection. We are spared absolutely nothing. We have to battle our setbacks just as hard.

But unlike a failure, setbacks include a real and timely possibility of reversing our fortune. A more immediate chance at redemption. A direct response.

The time it takes to recover from a setback is much quicker than a failure. We spring up faster. We think much less. We deal better with our complex emotions. We seem to recover faster because we have already made a commitment to ourselves, and we prepared for rain and thunder clouds.

We didn’t expect the sudden change in the weather.

We got jolted awake by the inconvenient, inclement weather, but we are better prepared.

We are positive.

Despite not being able to do anything about it, our minds bend; they do not break. We made the decision to kick some ass and take down names and we penciled out our parade route. We did this before the torrents and the hurricanes.  We did it before the storm clouds appeared on our horizon.


Some storms gut us. No doubt.  

They shake the wind out of us, leave us battered and blue, but even those hideous monsters yield little power over us, if we perceive them as a setback, and we don’t get seduced to take the defeated posture of failure.

Along with setbacks, there are also days and weeks when we get encircled by fog.

Our visibility and enthusiasm becomes low.

We haven’t done anything wrong. There is nothing that we could have done differently. Nothing we forgot. Nothing we needed to adjust. We just feel stuck. Unglued. Unfocused. Tired. Inundated with feelings of general malaise.

We are in a deep fog.

Seth Godin calls this the dip.  A deep valley of nothing but work. Devoid of feelings that bring us excitement. No line on the horizon. Just the sweat on our brow, and more dirt to shovel.  

There is nothing we can do about the fog, except keep going.

There is nothing we can do about the dip, except continue to rise.

Life tests us.

God asks how much do you really want this? What will it take? Do you want to quit? Or are you truly committed? Are you prepared or have you been seduced by another fleeting flight of fantasy?

So, brace yourself.

Brace yourself for any setback, when it comes, and keep positive.

Stay hopeful. Remain faithful. Be kind.

Remain diligent.

Become assiduous as you walk through the fog.

The sun never fails to shine.

The fog will dissipate.

A glorious morning is coming.


hiding in plain sight


When it comes to having dreams, we always raise our hands in excitement.  When it comes time to buying the shovel and spade, and doing the work, the numbers noticeably dwindle.  When it’s time to finish what we started, and be finally done with our labour, the numbers become even more anemic.  Finally, when it’s time to gift the world with what you’ve made, you will find yourself very much alone.

You will begin to doubt, get anxious, and become overwhelmed with fear. 

I am still trying to figure out what it is about our human nature that prevents us from sharing who we are.  What it is that distracts us and convinces us that we are not good enough.

We don’t think of ourselves as unworthy impostors, until we have something we can share. 

We begin to imagine we will die a slow and painful death of shame and indignation and so we pull back in fear, because everyone will once again know and see our very frail limitations. 

The good life, the happy life, is meant for someone else.  The lives of Saints, are a painful reminder that success is not found on a road less travelled.  It is nothing more than an abandoned dead end. 

This is a lie we tell ourselves.

It is a truly strange because when toss the first shovel full of dirt over our shoulder, the glory and sense of accomplishment, is all we envision and sense. 

We spend time imagining what it will feel like when we were finished.  We impress our minds with how meaningful and beautiful it will all be when we finish.  How glorious, to share who we are, and what we have made, with perfect strangers.  Strangers no more.  Brothers and sisters connected in a beautiful spirit of human experience.

But we don’t ship.  We hide.  We hide from ourselves and we hide from each other.

We hide in plain sight.

When we are close, we nit-pick. 

We find fault. 

We notice errors in the smallest of things, the insignificant, magnifying the mistakes no one sees or even cares about.  We seek the council of people who we know deep down, will find something wrong with what we have made.  We thrash about looking and embracing every sensible opinion that convinces us that what we really need, is just one more day, another week, another month, and perhaps another whole year. 

You need to get it right, to polish it up; just a little bit more.  Just a tiny bit.  Almost there.  Have faint, it’s almost time.  A crank here. A little adjustment.  A little tug.  The slightest pull.

And so, you hide.

We have hidden who we are for years.  Decades. 

We run away from what we want, who we are, and what we dream about.

It’s safer not to make a ruckus. To not raise your voice.  To sit down.  To timidly, take it.  To politely wait your turn.

But your turn never comes. 

You are almost there, but never there.

You hate yourself for not speaking up and become tired and weary for spending your entire life, sitting back and taking it.

When is it going to be your turn?

When will you stand up and have people take notice?

It won’t be easy.  The criticism will certainly fly.  The gossip will wage a war against your human dignity.  Eyebrows will be raised in indignation.  Your work will be scrutinized.  It will be misunderstood.  Dissected.  Laughed at.  Jeered.  Embraced?

Could there be a chance someone will find value with what you have made?

Think of the possibilities.

You might make someone laugh.  Bring a smile to their tired face.  Give them an opportunity to cry.  Afford them permission to be who they are.  The courage to no longer pretend who they don’t want to be.  You might give them a voice, or dispel their loneliness. 

You might give them a moment of peace.  A chance to reflect.  An opportunity to embrace their broken humanity.

You might inspire them. 

Anger them. 

You might make them think and feel.

You might make a ruckus!

But not, if you remain timid, and hide in plain sight.

Nothing matters.  Nothing grows.  Nothing changes with silence and fear.

Find your voice. 

Find the courage.

Find a way to share.


the beginning of the end


I have been searching my soul this week, wondering where all this is going. 

By the end of this December, which is quickly approaching, I intend to organize and edit everything I have written so far, and turn it into a book.

I believe Diggin’ Ditches is definitely a working title.

I am not sure who will read the book.  I have many doubts, questions and reluctant thoughts on the matter.  I am not crippled by fear, but definitely a little unhinged, wondering if anyone will care or buy the book.

I chase those thoughts far from my consciousness.  I instruct myself to keep digging and not to spend too much time dwelling on the possibility of being a failed author, on my very first try.

It might be a little easier now, instead of a few months from now, when I will need to find the funds and leap forward.

A very dear friend proposed the idea for book, and I am extremely grateful.  It has given me a renewed sense of purpose and a goal I didn’t have before.

Writing every single day is not easy. 

I am not interested in easy.  I am in this thing for the challenge and a sense of meaning.

I have decided to end this blog.

Not yet.  I’m not done.  I am not ready to move on to other things, but for the first time since I started I can see the end coming.

I am giving myself four more years.

It is so easy to write down, but the end of 2021 is a lifetime away.

In either case, I now know the end.

When I am done, I will have five volumes of meaningful musings, and one volume of quotables.  Enough to create a daily reader, which will guide you through an entire year.  I might throw in an extra few entries to compensate for a few leap years.  An appendix of sorts.

Why am I thinking out loud and why does this have to end?

I am sharing this today because I don’t want all of this to just vanish one day.  I don’t want those of you who read on a regular basis to wake up and never hear from me again. 

I have visited many wonderful blogs, and it saddens me, when I see their last entry read 2012, 2015, or 2009.  They burn bright and burn out.  They are not heard from again.  I am sad when I find yet another forgotten graveyard of beautiful writing

Today I have a purpose.  It will end my terms.  All I must do now, is just the hard work of sticking to it and never losing grip.  Never losing faith or hope, that despite not knowing where I am going, I am helping in making ripples somewhere, along the way.

Thank you for reading.

I don’t think I would write as often otherwise.

Every clown with a hat on the dirty street, needs an audience what is willing to stop and stare.

Thanks for staring.

I hope your lives have been enriched for having been here.


infinite possibilities


I have been dreaming in my sleep lately, which is quite unusual. 

It’s unusual because I rarely dream.  It takes my unconscious directors, months, if not years, between each screening of her carefully crafted spindles of film.

I know I dream.  We all dream. 

I just have no memories of anything.  I wake up from the night before without a trace or the smallest hint of anything, everything.

I’m not sure what that says about my state of health, but I guess that a good night might be somehow good for me. Despite the health benefits, a part of me does feel a little left out.  Left out from the common human experience, of sharing some unbelievable tales and terrifying nightmares.

My recent dreams are too personal to share.  My subconscious mind is living out some things I need to focus on.  I don’t know what any of it means, but I’m glad to be involved in the conversation.

I sometimes wish my mom and dad would come and visit me in my dreams.  I sometimes think they do.  It would be lovely to see them again.  To embrace each other.  To remember.

We are lucky because our dreams offer us a world of infinite possibilities.

We have a chance to work out our anger and frustration, or perhaps feel the joy of something that hasn’t happened yet.  The visions are vivid.  They are real.  We should definitely pay more attention to them.

And why can’t our lives be as vivid?

Why can’t our living dreams be as colourful as our slumbering tales?

Aren’t they scripted, directed, and produced by the same mind?

One takes about ten minutes to play out and feels like a lifetime.  The other sometimes takes ten or twenty years, and feels like a brief breath of time.

Anything can happen when we are sleep.

We should probably awaken to the reality that anything can happen in our wakefulness too.

But it can only happen through action and engagement.  Our lives can only take shape by meaningful work and by sharing our work with the world. 

I think it is time to stop hiding.

Time to stop telling ourselves the false story that we can’t, that we need more education, more time, or more or less of everything.

So, stop hiding.

Start dreaming.

Dream out loud, because the nightmares of others, or perhaps your own, may not become as loud and terrifying if you struggle against remaining silent and numb.

So, share something.

Dream out loud.

Dream often.


armed with a coffee


Life seems like a long journey until it isn’t.

It is infinite, until it just suddenly ends. 

There are no reminders.  No sticky notes.

There is no final phone call.  Perhaps no last goodbye.

Just the end.

It doesn’t really matter how long you’ve been on your journey.  Nor does it really matter how much you’ve laughed or cried along the way.  It seems insignificant how often you’ve been scared, anxious, or worried.  In the final calculation it doesn’t matter, because we will all face the same curtain call. 

And it is a curtain call.  The end of an act.  But it is not a punishment or a curse.

But what do I know?

I am very incapable and insecure about the subject of death.  I haven’t figured it out.  Far from it.  It scares the living shit out of me sometimes. The pun is intentional.

Over the years, I continue to humbly listen and watch for wise words and examples, in the hopes of learning something.  Something that will help me figure out what I am doing here, why I matter, and why it is preordained that I must leave one day. 

One day. 

It’s a long journey. 

We live it one step at a time.  One year at a time.  

Until the end.

In an effort to repeat myself, I don’t have many answers.  I don’t even have a dozen.  But I do have a myriad of very complex questions.  Questions which generally fall on deaf ears as very few every want to hear or discuss them. 

I am therefore subjected to gathering insights on my own, and you probably share a similar fate.

I am just trying to get at the truth.  It is not easy.  It is very elusive.  It is a story that speaks in silence and through the mystery of earthly events.  It sings in art.  It whispers through music. 

And I long to find some clues to this somewhat unidentifiable, but a very complex universal mystery, that troubles all of us. 

We are on a very long journey, with very limited time.

So, I remind myself, as the people I love leave me, that I don’t have too much time.

So why do I sometimes get wrapped up in so many things that drive us from each other?  Why are you and I not conscious of the suffering humanity we find everywhere?  Why are we unhappy?  Fearful?  Anxious?  Cancerous?  Materialistic and fat?

Why do we shit on freedom, disrespect the value of suffering, and ignore human dignity? 

Why do we sometimes hate ourselves?  Why do we hate each other?

Why don’t we see the connections in all things?  The infinite possibilities in everything that we do.  And destroy or make fun of those who try.

Every decision we make.  Every breath we take.  Every struggle.  Every emotional discharge.  Indeed, every single movement and every little thought, leads all of us to a blessed moment of infinite possibilities.

A moment we get to frame.  A moment we get to embrace or abandon.

Please forgive my rambling thoughts about our temporal mortality, on this very temporal Friday morning.

Sometimes, they are all I have.  But in a matter of mere minutes, the sun will rise again.  The responsibilities of the day will burden me yet again with many new thoughts and challenges.

In the meantime, though.  I will sit here, alone, armed with a cup of coffee, thinking of all the wonderful people I have been blessed to know.  I will think of all the magnificent people I can reach out to at this very moment. 

I will end my morning imagining the person I am going to become.


the success muscle


Bodybuilding is a fascinating sport.

It is absolutely spellbinding, the way your body responds to sweaty physical training.  It is simply incredible the way your muscles absorb and handle hard work.  The way your body decides how and when to recover.

Truth be told, there is nothing new in bodybuilding and the principals building muscle are not complicated.  They are very simple. 

You pick up a heavy object.  You put it down. 

You pick it up.  You put it down. 

You hang on long enough to repeat that motion several times, until your muscles grow wobbly and tired. 

When you are finished, you need to feed your body good protein and fulfill all the other nutritional needs.  Give the muscle a lot of rest.  Wait and repeat the exercise twice a week.  With enough time, over a period of months and years, your muscles will grow. 

Your body will noticeably change.

Simple.  Yet, without one insight, it becomes complicated. 

Bodybuilding takes a lot of time and long term commitment.  A lot of it.  But even with a strong sense of will, tenacity, and pure determination, very little happens, unless you learn to push through the pain. 

Nothing ever happens until you learn to drive through the signals of pain, and overcome your inclination to quit.

Nothing short of everything will be enough.

You see, you are renting a very smart machine.  Your human body would rather not go through the experience of tearing itself down, so it has to build itself back up. 

Who does?

Which is why we search out comfort, stability, and are obedient to conform.

Weight training or happiness for that matter, takes a lot work.  They take some time.

Your brain will try to dissuade you and convince you to quit.  It shows you grand vision of immediate joy and rest if you do.  Why?  Because if things remain the same, if you don’t push boundaries, there is nothing to do.  Nothing to repair.  Nothing to build.

High fives all around.

We know without any doubt that our biceps or glutes grow when the individual muscle fibers in our muscles are torn, and they are tough.  They don’t tare easy. 

You need a whole lotta weight.  A whole lotta reps.  A whole lotta love, and then, in that very last movement, when you’ve fought through the pain and mental static to stop, you finally rip them, and you leave your body no other choice but to recreate itself.  To build something better.

A journalist once asked Muhammad Ali how many sit ups he did to stay in such great shape.  He replied that he didn’t know.  He doesn’t start counting, until it starts hurting.

So, learn your lesson and don’t start counting, until it starts hurting.

Our success, our happiness, our dreams, and our muscle work on the same principals.

Too many times, we quit too soon.  We quit too often. 

We stop several meters before we should.  We run a good race.  We work hard, but we never finish.  We take the wrong advice at the wrong moment from ourselves.  We must hold fast and remember to only start counting, when it starts hurting.

We must tear our success fibers.  We must tire out our dreams.

These little vignettes of thought that I write every morning, here at are new to me.

I have no idea where this is going.  I have no idea what it all means.  I do trust somehow, that what I am trying to do here will last, that deep down, I am building something.  I have committed myself to the task of being a professional writer.  My job is to write.  I write every day, and hope that in time my mind will rebuild itself into something I cannot see.  Into something I could have never imagined.

So, get back to working hard.

Or, don’t ever stop, when you get tired.

Don’t tear yourself down.  Stop saying mean things about yourself.

Focus instead on your success muscle. 

Work it.  Grind it out. 

Keep digging.

Until you’ve arrived on the other side.


what can I do?


You have asked yourself what you can do many times.

Hundreds.  Thousands.  Millions of times.

And you’ve been quick to respond to what you can do?

You’re too old.  Unattractive.  Broken.  You have a large appetite and are genetically cursed with big bones.  You have made far too many unforgivable mistakes.  They will never forgive you.  They will never forget. 

This is too silly.  Too expensive.  Takes too long.  Too complicated.  Too Hard.  Too much.  Too late.  Not enough.

You have most certainly told yourself throughout your life where to go and what you can’t do.

What you can’t.


But what can you?


I can’t.

Saying you can’t is only going to spread the dirt of dejection and misery .

There is a reason why you find yourself here and have asked yourself what you can do.  Something in your life has brought you to this moment.  You are either unhappy or unsatisfied.  You are definitely in the wrong place, or haven’t travelled through enough, to get to where you want to be.

But it doesn’t matter how you got here.  We all get here.  What matters is what you going to go next?

So let’s rephrase the question.

What can you do?


Meaning, what power do you have to act.  What tenacity will you employ to be and do.  The ability is right here, always here, waiting to be unharnessed and mastered.

You can do many things if genuinely care.

For starters, you can quit a lot of things that have you stuck, knee deep, in the mud.  Habits and people.  Routines and expectations, that lead you back to the same place, with the same existential frustrations.

You should definitely quit complaining, gossiping, making fun of yourself, not being able to handle a genuine compliment, and being overdramatic.  You should most certainly quit lying to yourself, that you are not good enough.  That the deck is stacked against you.

Because you can.

You can do lots of things.

You can take charge of your life and accept that everything you do has purpose.  No, you don’t control the universe.  You don’t control people or events, but you do control the way you frame your thoughts around everything.  You an undeniable freedom in the way you accept or reject the things you cannot change. 

When you contemplate your life, do you relive all you pain and suffering?  Do you get crippled by your many failures and wasted opportunities?  Or do you embrace the present moment, forgive yourself, and see the future possibilities?

It’s not what you have, but what you give, that matters.

It’s not what you’ve been through, but how you apply it.

Not what you’re born with, but who you gather by your side.

What can you do?


Everything, provided you focus on the possibilities.

Believing you are ugly, unredeemable, unteachable, unlovable, and unimportant, is a seductive lie.  Stop digging yourself an early grave.  Accept that it’s not over.

Don’t look at where you are or where you have been, and gaze instead at what you can do.  No matter how small.  How insignificant.  No matter how improbable.

Do it.

And ask yourself one more question.

What can I do next?


fake news


I am absolutely in love with the very recently coined phrase ‘fake news’.

It’s just stunningly perfect and incomprehensibly, brings so much joy to my life.

If you ever mind yourself stuck in a conversation you can’t get out of, just take a deep dramatic pause and gently exclaim that in the final analysis, all of this is nothing more than fake news.



News is identified as information that is newly received or somehow noteworthy, especially if it concerns recent or important events. 

Fake simply means that the news is counterfeit.  It is not genuine.  It is false.

But if that is the case, what are we left with?

Aren’t all stories selected by a biased editor? 

Don’t we read some newspapers, precisely because they lean to the left, and some because they lean to the right?  Don’t we read them because we want to remain the same?

I don’t read newspapers or watch CNN anymore.  Not because I stopped caring for our planet, and my neighbour, but because it has made me feel like I am a child in an abusive relationship.  There is so much yelling from both sides, that it is too much for a sensitive child to handle.  Too much before they shut down, and tune out.

I have shut down.

I am still connected. 

I visit the odd newspaper occasionally, to follow up on an interest story here and there, but for the most part, I have grown up.  I have moved out of the house.  I am on my own, away from the chaos and the screaming.

It’s all bitching and complaining, on most occasions.

Sometimes it’s more than bitching and complaining, and it becomes bitching and complaining about bitching and complaining.  A seductive and infinite circle.

Where is the good in humanity to be found?  Where are the stories that inspire human kindness?  Where is the human dignity?  The human spirit?  Where is the essence that makes us love one another and embrace peace and prosperity?

Most importantly, why do we adopt fake news as the guiding principle in our own life?

We gather to gossip and shove rusty knives into each other’s backs.  We look down at our feet when we walk.  We waste time.  We groan and moan.  We make eye contact with one another on occasion, but with a suspicious mind.  We are polite to a fault, and corrupt to the core.

You have become exactly who you told yourself you would be.

You repeat over and over, the life imagined is good enough for you to live.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

If you see misery and pain, you’ll behold more of it.  If you embrace failure and disappointment, you will never let go.  You will live your life, experiencing more of the same.  Unless you change.

Why shouldn’t you?  If you don’t take stock of the good news stories of your life, how are you ever going to become them and live them out.

Being positive is important.  Not because the young lady at the drive through window would really appreciate an attitude adjustment as she serves you a coffee this morning, but because there is nothing worse than wasted talent. 

There is nothing sadder than living an unfulfilled and unhappy life.

So, ignore the fake news.  Ignore the real news too.

Ignore the terrible things people say about you.

Ignore the terrible things you say about yourself.

Stop gossiping about other people.

Look for the good.  Be kind.

Look for the appearance of the human spirit that connects all of us.  See it.  Hear it.  Point it out when you do, and celebrate it as often as you can. 

Try to look for human dignity in the forgotten ones, the abandoned, and the loathsome.

It’s not easy.

But bring people the news.

Bring them good news.