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try not to follow


Trust yourself.

Believe in yourself.

Follow your heart.

I know its hard. 

Very certainly uncertain. Full of pitfalls and fraught with failure.  

It’s a hell of a lot easier to follow the herd. Much simpler to just follow along. A lot safer to do what is expected you. But that will only drag you to places where you’d rather not go, surrounded by people you’d rather do without. 

(And they might smell).

So follow your heart, not the insistently bleating herd.

Or at least pick the right shepherd!

I know how this all sounds.

It seems very poetic, but its not meant to be.

Consider this a cold, hard invitation to a new life of possibilities.

A chance to lead instead of follow.

A chance for a meaningful existence.

A call for a reflected life.

A well lived life.

A happy life.

Following your heart and believing in yourself will be a daily struggle. 

A continuously raging conflict. A war against comfort and complacency.

Trusting yourself demands change and transformation and if  you don’t, you’ll return to your old scripts and the boring stories that you tell yourself.

You are full of stories.

Stories about who you are. What you can’t do and why you can’t do it.

Stories about who’s hurt you. Stories about who you’ve hurt.

Tall tales you’ve accepted as true in your early childhood. Scripts that were pre-written for you, old worn out scripts, and some that you helped to co-create yourself. But none the less, stories that don’t serve you any longer. Truths you’ve come to learn at school, in the playground, and in your heart.

You learned that its a tough old world out there. That statistically speaking, you’re bound to be a victim of some mindless crime, or some random casualty of an unfortunate accident. 

You’ve learned about the dangers of sex. About divorce. About death. Abuse. About cancer. About bullies. About getting fat. About keeping your hand down, so your classmates don’t label you a teachers pet, or that you never have to feel the sting of getting the question wrong. So you can avoid failure and shun mistakes. 

So you can pretend that everything is perfect.  

You’ve learned that there are no dumb questions, but you can’t avoid seeing that there are dumb people who pose them. 

So its much better to play safe. Its better to stay quiet. To bleat quietly, and only when called upon.

Through it all, you’ve learned that no matter how good you are, how hard you try, how successful you become, there is always someone better than you, so whats the point?

That exactly the point.

You should follow your heart because life is a chorus, not a lead performance.

As a human race, we are much better together, united, than we are isolated and alone.

We are better living in the open, than we are when we run and hide.

There is no enough music out there that can reach every ear.

So share yours.

There is not enough good ideas either.

So share those too.

There is not enough kindness out there.

So be kind.

There is not enough of anything.

So everything. No matter how small makes a big difference.

You can make a difference.

Perhaps not to the many, but certainly to the few. 

Sometimes you will only matter to only one.

So trust yourself.

Believe in yourself.

Share yourself.

Follow your heart.

Write a new story.

Sing a new song.

Live a new life.


Try not to follow.


sing dammit!

There is plenty of room for everyone.

Especially you.

So abandon the the ugly idea that we are all just living on a thin raft. That our resources are scarce. That nobody wants to share or support one another. Yes, some questionable characters, of which there are a few, do try to horde and control everything, but all empires eventually die away, and nobody, no matter how powerful, lasts forever. Bu all little voices eventually get heard, and more often than not make a great deal of difference in the world.

Just ask yourself what you would like to read. Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kempf, which was forced on an entire nation, or Anne Frank’s, very private, Diary of a Young Girl, which was never meant to see the light of day?

I hope you get my point?

There is plenty of room for all of us.

So what are you waiting for?

Life will not send you an invitation. 

You were thrust into this world, without permission, so consider that your one and only invitation. Your birth was a marvellous initiation into the magical possibilities of things. A prelude to the meaning of anything and everything you put your mind into.

I want to know what you think, how you see the world, and what you’ve been through. I would like to see what you can contribute to the already strong chorus of human voices everywhere.

There is no reason to be discouraged by the many voices. There are many, bu just because there are many voices, and just because some are better than others, doesn’t mean that your voice is not important, or that it can’t strengthen and add value to the chorus.

Life is not meant to be a solo performance. Far from it.

The one individual is really nothing without her choir, without a drummer, or a metronome. Someone has to keep time. Fill the room with passion. Without the we, there would be no need for you. There would be no need for anyone.

Yet, here you are, full of untapped potential, sitting and waiting for permission to decide if this is the moment. If this is indeed your expected turn.

Your hand is up. Way up. It’s been up for a long while. 

You’ve waved it. Stretched it as far as it will go.

You momentarily brought it down for a rest, but briefly as not to be overlooked once again.

You’ve held your hand tirelessly. 



You’ve waited and waited and waited for something to happen.

Stop waiting. 

Pick yourself.

Stop thinking that there’s no room or place for you in this world.

That your life, your work, or your contribution don’t really matter or is insignificant.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

You cannot see what they have been through or what it costs them to do what they do. Only they know, and the only thing you should ever take away from their life, is their spirit of determination, and their tenacity to create something.

You’re not limited and trapped. You’re not useless. There is plenty of everything you’ll ever need.

No. Its not magic. It’s not instant.

You’re not going to find a benevolent benefactor or wise Jedi master to guide you through your struggles and dreams.

But I promise you, that if you start walking forward towards something. If you dare to make a push, you will find always what you need. It’s an abundant place out there. Full of people that will surprise you and help you along the way.

So don’t be afraid to sing.

You don’t have to ask. You’re part of the choir.

You only need to take your place.

Learn the damn song.

Sing it, like only you can.

Sing dammit!


tiny little things


We all love big moments.

We love stories of momentous transformation. Rags to riches. Overcoming addiction. Massive weight loss. Finding the courage to walk away from an abusive relationship. Stories that make us pause and reflect on our own lives. Stories that give us hope. Adventures that give us as a reason to change.


Those momentous moments are extremely rare, and upon some analysis, often do so very little in our lives.

They bear no lasting impact. Produce very little change. Influence and move us to do nothing. Achieve a mouse’s fart of energy.

The momentous moments are very nice, of course, and we should pause once in a while, to reflect on them, but it’s the tiny little things, the insignificant moments in our life, that will have a deeper and more lasting effect on your life. Far more than you might care to believe or give them credit.

Those tiny little things.

Those tiny little decisions.

One less cigarette. One less beer. Or one less cup of coffee.

A small French Fry instead of the usual large or medium. A ten-minute walk. A quick and unimaginative text message, to someone who’s voice you haven’t heard in a very, very, long time.

Perhaps a new book. A new album you’ve never heard. A conversation with a random stranger.

How about distancing yourself from a verbal or digital confrontation? Turning away from complaining? How about being silent and not saying what you’re really thinking?

What about having a little patience with yourself? Giving yourself a chance to breathe. A chance to be forgiven. An opportunity to try again. A chance to rest. A moment to forget. A little instant to remember.

Trust the little things.

They come and go so quickly. They appear suddenly. Uninvited and they leave without permission or without uttering a sound.

But there is no need to chase after them. No need to be sad at their departure. Unlike the big moments we always gather to stare at, little things, come and go, all the time.

The next one is just around the corner.

The next tiny little moment, is practically at your beck and call. And all you have to do, is to decide, and go out to greet it. Embrace it. Reach for it. Find it.

You are the only one that can meet that moment. You are a tiny little thing too.

Don’t expect an invitation.

Don’t expect angels announcing any arrivals. Don’t expect the Magi, or the star from the East. But do expect greatness from yourself.

Expect it, because there is tremendous dignity in being who you are. Despite the fact that you’ve left some parts of your life a bit dormant, for a bit too long.

You’re a bit dusty, me thinks. A touch stale and musty.

It’s time for a change.

A little change. A tiny, calculated movement, towards something new.

No matter what you do however, remember, that there is always another chance. Another moment. Another turn. Another opportunity, and you don’t need a formal invitation.

No matter what you do, you can always return. You can come back, time and time again.

You can return to your life amongst the tiny, little things, and that’s because life has hidden her mysteries, in those tiny, little things.

So, have a beautiful day.

Full of insignificant tiny little moments. Unaccounted. Unobserved opportunities, that show you who you are and desire to be.

If the whole world is too big of a place, perhaps you can reveal yourself to someone you love. Someone that would really love to steal a moment of your time.

A moment of time.

Such a tiny, insignificant, little thing.


an Elephant and some Cherry Pie


Isn’t our perception of reality funny?

Funny in the sense that while we all believe truth exists, the actual colour, shape, and form it holds, is often filtered through our own, limited, best guess scenario, set of assumptions. We hinder and distort reality by the very fact that we don’t know everything. We can’t know everything.

This is magical in a sense, because in a world of science, there are no surprises.

We distort our reality by being human. Gloriously human. We fail to see right because we are limited by the very square space from which we gaze upon the truth. That little piece of the whole, which we call our experience, which always distorts what we see, creates what we want to see, yet it is the only way we can derive any of our understanding in the first place.

And its magical.

I understand that our distorted understanding of the truth is very vexing for everyone. We are all shuffling our feet in total darkness, holding on to a different piece of the elephant, arguing with each other who is right.

Our limited version of the truth, which in our defence is all we were given, can create some unpleasant confusion, and lead to serious frustration.

When we share what we think we see with others, we are putting ourselves on a collision course to be seriously misunderstood.


We are putting ourselves on a path to clash with other people’s versions of reality, and their own prickly little insensibilities.  

This is why it is socially forbidden to talk about politics or religion at parties, with people of good social standing.

This is silly I think, because they are the most important of all the subjects, which is probably why people are willing to die for their truth, something which they are not willing to do for a nice piece of cherry pie. Not unless it is a really, really good piece of pie.

Religion tries to deal with why we are here, and what the ultimate purpose of our existence might be, while politics, on the other hand, deals with how we are to justly govern ourselves, what we have to do to live meaningful lives, and how to better care for the vulnerable.

Or so they should anyhow.

A bit philosophical perhaps, but our perception of how we see what is real is funny nonetheless.

Let’s turn to you.

What about your reality?

What about the truth of how you see yourself and where you are going?

Do you have the courage at any time in the day to look yourself in the mirror? To have a good look. Do you have the valour to gaze into your own eyes? Your windows to your very soul?

What will you find there?

Pain? Regret? Sorrow?

Words of hate and admonition for yourself? Voices from the past hurling hateful epitaphs in your direction?

Or will you find joy?

Peace? Forgiveness? Unused blueprints of some abandoned dreams?

Perhaps some faith and hope? Some love?

Words of encouragement and understanding? Voices from the future calling you towards something greater than yourself?

If truth and reality is not as reliable as we were taught to think it is, when we were children, wouldn’t it make more sense to shape it, the way we want reality to appear?

If other people will not understand or will misinterpret your, is that a good reason to capitulate or abandon your dreams, or give up trying?

I mean, if you are too blind and unsatisfied with the piece of the elephant you are currently holding, wouldn’t it make more sense, instead of arguing or getting angry about it, to simply suck it up and stumble in the darkness, to look for another piece to hold.

A piece that perhaps feels a little better? Suits your life a little more?

Reality is very cold, calculating, and most scientific.

But we as artists are born to wrap it up, in our own warm blanket of technicolour.

To shape things how we want them to be. To shape our own destiny.

Reality really doesn’t matter much. People will see what they want to see. Truth will not be offended by the choices you make, one way or another.

In the future, you will change your mind how things were a thousand times. You will reshape and thinking of what you remember a million ways.

You are bound to forget.

So, forget who you think you are today. Erase what other people think you are.

Don’t be afraid to stumble in the dark.

Keep circling that elephant and stop arguing who is right.


quiet insignificance


Our lives are full of quiet insignificance.

Moments, that we just don’t take much time to notice. Flashes that seem to come and go, so effortlessly, so easily, and so quickly.

Quiet moments. Sometimes, loud moments. Chaotic moments. Insignificant moments.

We would be lost without them.

We would defile our humanity without them.

We would be lost.

Without those millions and millions of tiny, teeny, little moments of quiet insignificance.

Perhaps it’s the solitude of reading a good book or an uplifting movement of a good piece of music. Perhaps it’s the company of a good friend, or the exaggerated chatter about nothing in particular. Perhaps it’s a good hearty run. A daily walk. A piece of cheesecake. Or simply doing the laundry.

We are so driven and so blindly distracted, by all the seemingly important things we have to do each day, that we ignore and forget what makes life worth living.

The quiet insignificance of each moment.

If you want to, you can keep yourself distracted by the infinite minutia of your daily chores for what seems like an infinite pocket of time. If you care to, you can become a stubborn dog, chasing its own tail.

And you do.

You look for meaning and happiness in the grand, and rare, if not magnificent moments. In very huge, loud, champagne popping, heart racing, monumental, moments.

Moments which come bearing expensive invitation cards. Moments consumed with confetti. Moments on the red carpet, with blindingly flashing lights.

Yet the meaning of your life, hides itself in the simplicity of the daily breaths we take. Moment by moment. In the very ordinary expansion and collapse of each of your lungs, without which, there simply would be no moments at all, grand or otherwise.

Our problem is that we think we are in control.

We have come to believe in the illusion that we own or govern our own bodies. That we are the sole proprietors of our life. Creators of our own destiny. That we can live our lives on our own terms, and on our own time.

But as John Donne poetically exclaimed; no man, is an island. Entire of itself. Every woman is a piece of the continent. A part of the main.

A significant part of the main.

We are not in control. We are not an island. Not the way we believe ourselves to be.

Our stitched lives are interwoven with tiny little pieces of quiet insignificance.

Moments of hidden gratitude.

Built on very ordinary, and forgetful, moment of human friendship. Especially, when they are quiet and insignificant.

So, if you dream at night, don’t forget that others are awake, longing for a chance to dream.

And if you don’t dream but experience nightmares, realize that others are unlucky enough to live out real ones.

We were taught at school and in our homes, to look and yearn for the big things. The things that would get us noticed. The things that pay well. The things that make us smart, give us recognition, wealth, power, and prosperity.

The things that don’t really matter.

What matters are the quiet moments of insignificance.

They matter, because when we are gone, those will become the moments our loved ones will long for, and pray to God, that had more time for.

Don’t get too restless with living.

Learn to breathe.

To be still.

Learn to be quiet.

And learn to grow in insignificance.