Hiding Feed

where your future hides


Your future hides in the present.

In this very moment.

Understanding the future is a somewhat tricky and ambiguous business.

What is to come is always able to hide in open sight precisely because we fail to gaze upon her. We end up looking right through her

We mistakes our dreams and think of what is to come, as some kind of indication of what our future will look like and we resign ourselves to living our lives and murmuring, some day.

But our future. Our dreams. The vision and blueprint of who we really desire to be and what we long to have, is right here. Hidden in the present moment.

Your future that you see in your minds eye is not so much an indication of what is going to come, as it is a call to do what needs to be done. Done right now. 

If you’re like me and dream of being a writer or an artist, you imagine being able to make a living by connecting with readers and helping them leap forward. Helping them leap into being who they are sometimes afraid of becoming. Helping them to imagine the possibilities and not being scared of who they are meant to be.

Your dreams have definitely something to do with the future, there is no denying that, but they have so much more to say about where you find yourself today and what your next steps should be at this present moment.

If you see yourself travelling the world one day. When you find the time. When you retire. When you have saved enough money, you should definitely pack your suitcase this weekend and begin to travel right now. 

That is perhaps a bit too much hyperbole but you should definitely do it soon. Do it before you retire. Find the time. Do it before you have all the money because when you’re older, you will have new dreams. You will find yourself a bit wiser and older, you may find yourself to be a touch tired, hopefully not unwell, and perhaps having the time of your life looking after your grand babies. 

When that day arrives that you dreamt of, you may have found yourself a whole set of dreams altogether.

Your dreams are for right now.

They are an indication of what you want today.

You don’t have it, but that doesn’t matter. 

Your ideas of things to be are trying to tell you what you need to do.

If you want to be a writer, go and continue writing. If you want to open a restaurant, go make meals for your family every day, like they were your first customers.

If you want to run a marathon, go outside and try to at least make it all the way to the mailbox. Tomorrow, try to double the distance.

If you are lonely and want to be in love, go take a shower, dress yourself up and go out to a place where there are likeminded people. Your future lover is not going to accidentally bump into you. You have to go out and find them.

Accidents happen, when you’re living with purpose.

You’ll get lucky, after you’ve done all the work.

Let your future be your guide. 

A blueprint of what needs to be done.


Right now.

Not tomorrow.

Not someday.

This day.

If you’re waiting for permission to begin, begin. If you’re wondering if you’re good enough, you are good enough.

Listen to your dreams. Don’t look past them.

Embrace them.


it's never too late to fly


I want to fly.

There’s no doubt in my mind now.

Not anymore. Not now.

I want to fly, and my dreams have been gloriously reawakened.

It has taken me far too long to think it through. It has taken far too long to embrace. Thankfully, however, I am fortunate, that there is plenty of time to see it through.

I want to fly.

No doubt about it.

Having never flown before, I am well aware of the risks. Even if I wasn’t, there are many kind, or seemingly kind people, who are willing to point those dangers out to me. To discourage me and you for that matter, from flying too close to the sun. From dreaming. From trying. From living an vigorous life, instead of watching from a distance. A life of timid but safe observer.

After almost five decades of listening to people, you get to a point in your life where you stop caring about the risks. You stop giving some rats behind about what people say. Stop caring about the seemingly inevitable calamities that lie in wait. How embarrassing it will be. How humiliated you will feel.

You begin to trust and use the wings that you were born with. You become empowered by them. You marvel how they have grown in strength over the years, despite the fact that they have never seen high winds.

You begin to anticipate and dream about your moment.

The moment when you excitedly nudge yourself forward, toward the precipice of possibilities. Hoping you will not change your mind. Hoping for the beautiful things to come. Hoping you won’t waste any more time and will now, right now, summon the courage to leap.

You should fly too.

Fly towards your dreams. Fly to places of unseen opportunities. Fly with people you would otherwise never have a chance to meet.

After all, you’re not flying away from something, but to the contrary. You are flying towards something. Something new. Something meaningful. Something absolutely magical.

Staying grounded is safe and comfortable.

But you were not built for safety and comfort.

You are governed by powerful inner voices, for sure, like your conscience, so that you don’t do anything truly stupid (anymore), but outside of those few mishaps during those college years and beyond, you were always meant to be great.

You were meant to be a force to be reckoned with.

And you can’t cause trouble, walking around, half asleep or semi awake, definitely fully confused, waiting for a sign, hoping for a push, and being content with so very little.

So, come fly with me.

Ignore the dangers of flying too close to the sun and realize the agony of flying too close to the ground or not flying at all. Of giving up, and not making any effort to share your gifts with others.

I will fly alone, but I prefer some company.

The sky is a big, majestic space, full of infinite possibilities.

With room for everyone.

But those possibilities won’t come to you. You must come to them.

I feel sad and nauseated because I haven’t leapt before. I wasn’t willing to work hard enough, long enough, and I quit way too early, before I could embrace my dreams. But as despondent and stomach-churning as this reality is, I think it would be unforgivable and indefensible, to believe that it’s too late for me now.

It would be unforgivable and indefensible for you too.

Time moves forward and for this reason it is never too late.

Never too late to let go of our fear.

Never too late to ignore the negative chatter that binds us to our insecurities.

Never too late to begin.

Never too late for courage.

Never too late to leap.

Never too late to fly.


don't worry


Don’t worry about tomorrow, because it will come and go, like yesterday, and the day before.

Don’t worry about yesterday, because it’s gone. It has come. It served its purpose. It is done.

So, worry about today.

Right here. Right now.


Take today and live meaningfully. Live deeply, because it’s a moment full of infinite possibilities. It’s a day like no other, brimming with promises and whispers of glorious things. Things you just can’t get at tomorrow. Things you can only and must get at today.

You have a bit of time. So, take advantage of it.

Time is at your service.

Time is your secret weapon because it will not be here tomorrow. For tomorrow, you will reap what you sow, and gather what you plant today.

That’s a lot of flowery words, you might say.

Perhaps, but what do you expect with all this planting and reaping that you’re doing?

I just don’t know a better way to illustrate the importance of getting at something today. And I don’t mean just getting at it but working it with purpose. Dreaming with tenacity. Planning and executing with tremendous determination and focus.

You say you want things, but yet you are unwilling to fight for them.

You say you’re tired, but you’re wasting what needs to be done today. To do something, anything, so that you are but a dash and a pinch of purpose ahead of where you were yesterday. Which might leave you less tired. More invigorated.

You’re afraid to fail but who isn’t?

You’re afraid to make mistakes because deep down you’re worried what people, the same people who have long ago given up their own dreams, might think or say.

Don’t worry about those people. They don’t worry about you and they won’t be there tomorrow. They imprison themselves in their many regrets of yesterday.

You say you need a bit more time, but time is all you have. At least today. At least for a little while longer.

You say you’re not good enough, but you’ve wrongly assumed we have someone else. You’ve wrongly wished we would find someone else to replace you.

There is no replacement.

You’ve all we’ve got.

And we’re glad.

You’re irreplaceable. Unrepeatable and unique.

Stubborn at times? Yes.

Crotchety for a period of time? Absolutely.

With a dirty mouth to boot, when there’s no call for it? Perhaps. On occasion. Yes.

You are who you are.

That is no great matter for concern. We’re ok with it because only you can do what only you can do.

Warts and all. Imperfect as you are.

You make us laugh. You make us cry. You make us think and dance.

You contribute a great deal of meaning to our life and it stings when you brood and worry about tomorrow.

It will hurt when if hide yourself today or on any other day.

So, don’t hide from us. Don’t retreat. Abandon. Forget. Imagine things that are simply not true.

Don’t worry about tomorrow.

Quickly forget the mistakes and failures of yesterday.

Embrace today.

Only worry about today.

Worry about this moment.

Go and do something only you can do.

Until we meet again, my friend.

Have yourself the very best day.


your best work


Most of us flinch and hesitate.

We habitually waver, especially when it comes to making our best work. The insistent noise coming from the outside world is never warm and fuzzy. The keyboard warriors are always looking to spill some blood, but that only accounts for a small part of the truth. What is more telling is the fact that we are our own saboteurs. We are responsible for some pretty nasty maneuvering. We go to great lengths to hide away from the world. We are our worst critic.

We constantly compare our ourselves to others. We needlessly match our gifts against those of others. We overthink things and micro analyze our motivation, including the technical execution of the work we do. We always try to sniff out if it’s any good.

This leads us to a whole bunch of nothing. Nothing, because we rarely share anything meaningful we’ve created with strangers. We only offer a little sneak peak, to friends and family, and nothing more.

We keep perpetually revising and reediting. Hiding. Destroying. Hiding some more. Starting again, from the beginning.

We are never done.

Yet our best work, is our finished work.

This is so important.

A half-baked apple pie is not a pie. A bunch of disconnected chapters of a book, does not a novel make. A sweater with only one arm, is somewhat under warming.

As a society, we have become somewhat accustomed to always being in the middle of something. Not quite there but too far in to go back. Afraid of the consequences. Afraid of what people will think. Afraid that we’ll be discovered for the fraud that we think that we are.

But its our finished work that matters.

Our finished work is our best work.

It is our best work, but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect. It doesn’t mean we will receive praise and a purchase order, it only means that its fit for human consumption, or for wearing out in public. The praise and the accolades are bound to come later.

Our finished work is our best work because in it lies our courage to let people see what we’ve made and who we are. We dared to contribute to the mosaic of human conversation.

It takes great courage to share your work with the world.

And only in sharing can you hope to receive meaningful feedback.

Perhaps not right away.

Yes, the keyboard warriors will most certainly be first to sling some mud and vile words in your direction. It’s not personal. Without the mud or the slinging, they might actually have to do something constructive with their lives. They might have to create something, and this scares them to no end. They find false comfort in the war of words, by imagining the world needs to be protected from itself.  

In time, meaningful feedback will come.

Your best work, if you dare to finish it, will receive some meaningful criticism. Criticism that will help you make your next work better. You’ll have time and the experience to bake a better pie. Or to add a sleeve to your sweater. Or to develop a more complete and memorable story.

You have to finish something.

Gather up all your half-baked and forgotten ideas and get to work.

Don’t stop till you’re finished.

Don’t listen to yourself.

And don’t forget to share.


graceful silence


Being silent is not easy.

Finding the time for it is one thing, but summoning the courage to face yourself, in your disjointed mind, is something else. But ignoring yourself and avoiding silence all together, is even worse.

Embracing and surrounding yourself with all this noise, for long periods of time, is an unnecessary burden. A burden you need not carry. A type of metaphorical sea weed, that entangles you, ensnares your mind, and pulls you to the bottom. Lulls your life into a comfortable non-existence.

It’s a subtle form of theft. An undetectable act of robbery. For noise steals your daily chance to get in touch with who you are, why you’re here, and where you long to be. And this subtle, permit able theft and unapologetic act of thievery, often bears terrible and devastating consequences.

But I guess those who know better might be right.

There is nothing wrong with avoiding silence, and bathing in the petulant sea of sound.

You can, in fact, I guess, still hope to discover who you are, why you’re here, and where you want to be, without silence, but I would caution you, about the quality of your research.

I would caution you about the somewhat disjointed vision of yourself that you’ll discover, when the whole world is talking at the same time.

It is hard to hear the quiet voice within, when you’re pressured to respond to the booming gongs, and deafening drums, running unbridled, outside.   

You should really question your thoughts and feelings. They may be broken. Distorted. Disjointed. Angry.

Don’t worry about your freedom of speech but concern yourself with the freedom of thought instead. Especially when you find yourself at the mercy of the impenetrable wall of noise.


Not all noise is terrible.

Sometimes noise can be a beautiful thing, but even beautiful, very purposeful clamour, in the end, only distorts and distracts us from ourselves. It lulls us to sleep. Numbs our senses. Whispers that everything is fine, when it’s not. Reassures us that it will all be better tomorrow.

That is if you let noise imprison silence.

Silence is not easy.

It can’t be controlled or manipulated. It won’t be ignored or discarded. It screams loudly and insists on change. On growth. On some kind of purposeful living.

The good silence does, at least. The bad silence, is just noise, that has found a way in, uninvited.

If you don’t like yourself or perhaps hate yourself, deep down, in the stillness of silence, you will hear yourself, accuse yourself, of some heinous things.

You will witness stormy fits of anger, outbursts of tearful regret, gusts of indignation, and paroxysms of self-pity.

Silence is not easy.

At first you will want to run. Find your way back to the comfort of noise. And minutes will feel like hours. Hours will feel like days. It will all seem impossible. A mythologically made up impossibility.

In time, however, it gets easier.

In time, in fact, silence becomes very beautiful.

You’ll begin to crave it. Treat it like a secret love affair. Check into hotels with it, under an assumed name. You’ll keep it a secret. Deny its existence. Desire its company.

A day will come when you’ll finally get tired of throwing insults at yourself. You’ll take a little break, and begin to see your undeniable human dignity, and start to plan the rest of your life.

You’ll discover memories and dreams that have been dormant for way to long. You’ll embrace talents you have hid away or long denied, for fear of laughter.

With a little bit of silence, and in time, you’ll come to understand you purpose.

You’ll understand the meaning for your life.

You’ll see past the noise.

You’ll see yourself.

Not as you’re seen, but as you truly are.

false humility


You’re as humble as they come. Humble to a fault. But at least you’re not like those other people, who are thumbing their way into heaven.

You’re different.


A realist.

Prone to sudden and unexpected gusts of optimism. Rare indeed, I agree, this optimism of yours, but with all the talk about climate change these days, how could you be any different?

You take great pride in knowing the truth. In understanding the world for what it is and as it happens. Unflavoured. Unseasoned. Just as it is.

You won’t listen to anyone. Because you already know.

You know exactly why you’re so miserable. Unsuccessful. Always tired. Pushing that heavy rock up the mountain.

You learned a long time ago that people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth. They’re just lucky. They’ve been given all the breaks. Given all their talents, while you were left wanting.



And they those people have armed themselves with a cunning ability to lie and seduce others, in order to get their way. To get what they want and couldn’t possibly deserve.

You’re different.

You won’t stoop to their level. You know you’re worth.

Your false humility won’t let you see the world the way others see it.

You’ve struggled. You’ve overcome much. You paid your dues. Faced adversity head on. Kicked life right in the balls.

You deserve so much more. So much more.

You can’t understand why things haven’t worked out. Why you’re not rich and famous. Why people are constantly blind to your genius and your ingenuity.

This baffles you. Frustrates you. Angers you, if we may be honest.

But through it all, you remain your quiet, hidden. Your best humble self.

And for what?

Is it worth holding on and dying with your illusions?

Is it important to be right?

To refuse to accept change?

You’re so afraid to fail.  You fear your future and you cry yourself to sleep, as you look back and can’t help but regret the past.

If you don’t mind me saying. Your ass is so wound up so tight, that with a decent lump of coal, and in a few unspoken minutes, you’re able to produce the world’s purest diamond.

You have so much potential.

So much knowledge.

You’re endowed with so much inner and outer beauty and grace. So much life and love yet to give, yet you abandoned your dreams long ago, by the side of the road, like a smoked, unwanted, discarded cigarette.

You need some divine arrogance in your life.

You need some pride.

This false sense of humility that you wear like a mask, disguising your unseen pride, will only lead you to an early grave. Long before it’s your time. Unnecessarily. Sadly. You will die of a broken heart.

It’s time that you sing your song. Write your verse. Bake that fresh batch of raisin oatmeal cookies.


Forget your humility.

Embrace your humanity.

Fill your mornings with dreams. Abandon yourself at midday to your plans. Spend the night learning and making mistakes, while you ponder how this all fits together.

There is a place in this world for all of us. There is a need for all of us.

We are an insignificant speck of dust, but an imperative grain of a vast desert.

Don’t waste your energy, proving the false reality, you refuse to let go.

It hasn’t served you well.

Stand in arrogance, and dare to be, who you once dreamed to be.


the futile whimper of I can't


I know you can’t.

You must have said it a thousand times, and then you whispered it a thousand more.

You can’t. I get it. I know.

But now what?

Do you feel better?

Does your futile little whimper change anything?


But you’ll remain the same.

You’ll remain in the same place. The same valley you can’t get out of and you have no choice to face down the same challenges. Your fruitless moan won’t change a single thing.

But you can.

You can change your mind.

Not the circumstances or the challenges you face, but the course of action you take.

You can and you should.

In the Second World War, when Hitler invaded Poland from the West, the battle was over before it began. Sadly, the hope of a reborn Polish nation rested in its allies, but the allies never came.

Left alone, against the grinding power of the Nazi machine, they stood no chance.

There was one battle in particular that early September, that my father and mother were most auspiciously proud of. It was a battle between a platoon of German tanks, and a small garrison of Polish Calvary riders on their horses.

There was only possible way that the battle could end.

Those brave men faced down the German tanks and knew they couldn’t win, but they couldn’t live with I can’t either, so they chose to die.

They fought to their death. A most swift and immediate resolution.

But why did they do it?

And why do you keep telling yourself that you can’t?

They fought because they knew they could never stop fighting for each other. If they surrendered, they would have been captured, become prisoners, and if they were not summarily executed that day, they would have toiled in the German labour camps and died a painful death.

They were not stupid. They knew their odds. They embraced the inevitable outcome, but never once stopped thinking about the story that their children would learn to tell.

This was certainly a slaughter, but it is not written as a defeat.

This was a victory.

A battle that would play itself out, over and over again, in the hearts of many Poles, through brave acts of subversion, sabotage, and culminating itself in the tragic Warsaw Uprising of 1944.

There is was a magnificent spirit in those men on horses.  A beautiful spirit that stems from the words - I can.

Such simple words. So, complicated to say.

I can.

But don’t sweat it. I already know you can’t.

You continue to whine and whimper about your life because you seek certainty. Certainty that you’ll make it. Certainty that it will all be worth it in the end. That’s why you look to the stars, gaze into crystal balls, and read your daily horoscope.

You’re afraid of living and you’re afraid of dying. You’re crippled by fear and overcome with awful nagging anxiety. You embrace and cling to your doubts about yourself, and to the endless stories of your unceasing incompetence, and yet they do not feed your soul.

You are always hungry. You are always left unsatisfied.

But what if you can?

What if you do?

What if your mistakes, your painful doubts can become a sign of hope for others?

I know I can’t change your mind.

I can only prick your consciousness.

Before you take on the world.

Try to ignore your futile whimper.

Embrace change. Get to work.

Believe you can.


words of courage on a dark morning


Darkness is slowly overcoming all semblance of light. The world seems hopeless. The darkness and gloom, deep within our minds, is in a bloody and destructive battle for our souls. As the weather gets colder and the darkness gets longer, we must remember, more than ever, who we are, and the power we can embrace, that’s within our grasp.

We are powerful beyond measure. We are decedents of Kings and Queens. We were born to be Champions. To be warriors and defenders.


I don’t believe you.

I don’t accept your stubbornness and dejected resignation, when you tell me that that this is not how you feel; not with the mistakes you’ve made, and certainly not with the time you’ve wasted.

I accept where you are, but I reject your defeatist submission to failure.

You are not beaten. Far from it. At least you don’t have to be, if you choose not to be.

You are an ass kicker from way back. A black belt of love. A soldier of hope. A scientist of faith. So, reawaken your majestic spirit. Choose today to be the day, despite the many tears and years of hiding, to be counted, and reawaken your spirit to serve.

Don’t hide anymore.

Stand up. Traverse forward. Stop retreating.


Leap in hope and trust.

Have you ever been camping?

Away from the noise and the hustle of the city?

Have you ever awoken in the middle of the darkness, on a moonless night? Perhaps to pee, as you get older, or perhaps because your blow-up mattress is making you terribly uncomfortable and cramped?

You walk outside your tent to a firmament of light. Light as bright as the sun.

Brighter and unassuming.

You look up and marvel at the billions and billions of stars. For a moment, you become breathless, when you realize that each one of those tiny little shimmering lights is a sun, a star, with its own set of planets and undiscovered mysteries.

You marvel at the distance between everything. The possibility of anything.

It has taken us this long to struggle in order to reach the moon, yet our human hearts long our fly among the stars.

You look up and are moved by the idea that some of those stars that impress themselves upon you, have long disappeared. They are gone. Gone supernova. They have disappeared, but yet, they continue to shine their light. They continue to be visible for all of us to see. They continue to give light. Light as bright as the sun.

You are also one of those lights.

An you matter great deal.

It doesn’t matter when you start or how you start. It doesn’t matter what people say, or how often they say it.

The truth is, the greatest evil resides right inside of you. Your soul gets devoured from within. Your unabashed demon conducts his sermons within your very heart. And you listen intently.

We are our worst critic.

We berate ourselves for every single mistake and failure we’ve ever made. We refuse to let go. We refuse to forget. We refuse to heal. To move on. To grow up. We refuse to love ourselves. To have faith in our own light. To take shelter in our own dignity and humanity.

I offer you words of courage this morning.

I am hoping to plant seeds of hope. Hope, that you will help you get over yourself. A hope that will inspire you to start making a difference. A difference, in your own life, but more importantly, in the lives of those who are deaf and blind. Crippled with doubt. Imprisoned in loneliness.

I hope you reach out to those that needs your kindness and your laughter. Those that depend on you for your spirit, and even those who have yet to meet.

I offer you courage. Courage to know that you are not alone. Courage to walk with your own loneliness. Courage to embrace your fear. Courage to leap into an universe of possibility.

Please, believe in your dignity.

Believe in the possibility of doing the impossible.

Take heart. Find courage.

Be a light for someone else.

You can’t do everything, but you can do something.

You may fail to do, but you can never fail to be.


the summit and the climb


You cannot get to the summit without the climb, and there is no reason to climb without the summit. Both are important. Both draw their breath from the other. But your life will be only be shaped by submitting to one of them.

Reaching the summit is an achievement. A measurable, bankable, and an undeniably great achievement. Making your climb on the other hand, is long, at times tedious, forgettable and wholeheartedly rests in the realm of possibilities.

No one can fully measure the significance of each your steps, and you will make countless steps along the way. There is no journey and no summit without any one of them. All of them matter.  They are all extremely significant.

We can’t reach the peak without the steps.  Without the ones that made us stumble.  Without the ones, we made in hesitation and later in sorrow.  The ones we were forced to take.  The ones that made us slip and fall, but we cannot forget about the ones that made us skip and jump.  The ones that made us laugh and scream in excitement.

We can’t reach the summit without any of the steps that made us embrace the journey we are on in the first place.

At the closing ceremonies of the third annual Invictus Games, hosted in Toronto recently, Prince Harry made a heartfelt address to the many wounded warriors that sat in front of him.

He told them, and I am paraphrasing, that today they reached the top of the mountain.  They have persevered, overcome, and have reached their glorious summit. They should enjoy the view. They should soak up the feeling of victory and never forget that dreams come true.

He also told them to remember that tomorrow will inevitably come. The extraordinary will once again slide back into ordinary.  Saturday night, will turn to Monday morning. Summer will become Winter.

He told them to make a plan. To decide to be great. To start a business or start a ruckus. He told them that their acts can be simple like calling a friend they haven’t seen in a while, or doing homework with their kids. He told them to support one another. To dream out loud. To work towards the next summit.

I learned much that evening.

I learned the meaning of the old cliché that life is a journey and not a destination.

I heard it so often but I never understood the meaning.

It’s the process.  The journey.  The climb.

So, enjoy all the little, seemingly unconnected moments. Embrace the insignificant little things, and quickly forget your missteps.

You have a choice to make.  You are free to either be infatuated with the mountain peak and spend your life chasing the high of another brilliant performance, or you can fall in love and cherish the friendship of the rigorous climb. 

Quite frankly, we will spend the majority of our lives walking and climbing.  We will spend most of our days, which will quickly turn into years, moving forward, marching towards the next horizon. When we get there, and we will get there, we will see a new horizon. A more glorious sunrise that we could have imagined, and we will once again continue our journey. We will take a new step.

I hope you decide to be a person of the climb and not the summit.  I hope you decide to participate and share your gifts with the rest of us because there is never a good reason why you should hide.

Don’t hide.

Fall in love with the climb. Embrace your bruises and scars. Take a step upward. Climb with confidence. Climb with meaning.

You will get to the peak of the mountain. 

I believe in you.

You will get there and for a moment, you will bask in the glory of it all.  You will feel great, but all of your memories and all of your stories that you will begin to tell, will not be about what you saw, but rather who you were with, what you overcame, and what you had to sacrifice to get there.

Learn from Prince Harry and the Wounded Warriors.

Keep climbing and encourage others along the way.


no one will remember


One day it will all be a distant memory.

And it doesn’t matter what you do. 

It doesn’t matter if it what you experience today or lived out yesterday was good or bad.  Happy or sad.  Memorable or somewhat forgettable.

It doesn’t matter what you do.  It doesn’t matter, because everything, no matter how insignificant, how grand, embarrassing or otherwise, will one day be forgotten. 

Our mistakes and bruises, as well as our many disappointments and transgressions, will soon be forgotten and overshadowed by the art of living. 

You see, we were born with an expiration date.

We are no different than a carton of milk at the supermarket.

One of the great benefits of growing older, is not having enough time to keep track of every mistake or transgression that caused us to stumble. 

We were not granted the time to look back, or concern ourselves with what was, or what could have been.  It is not important.  We are people faith and hope.  Individuals living our lives forward and the future doesn’t depend on our past.

Even if you try.  Even if you persist and stomp your feet.  In time, everything fades, blurs, and becomes a distant passing memory.  The intensity of the moment fades.  We forget why, how, or how often.

So, it really doesn’t matter if what you experienced up to now has been virtuous or corruptible, joyful or melancholy, unforgettable or unremarkable.  It doesn’t matter.  What matters, however, is who you were and who you want to be.


Not who you were but who you are.  Who you want to be.

I am not diminishing your real pain and the agony you might have suffered.  Far from it.  What you have endured and overcome is very courageous.  I am simply musing about the past, and how to leverage that experience and redeem the future.

It is really important to redeem our future.  It is important to hope.  To strive forward.

We simply cannot let the bastards grind us down. 

You have no right to hunt yourself down either.

All our actions and thoughts, ultimately end up in a rusty, unassuming, storage container, buried deep inside our unconscious mind.  Yet as we grow and dance with wisdom, our very character, the person who we are, who we have become and want to be, is ever more amplified and manifest itself ever more emphatically.

This is why, it is invaluable that we remember who we are, not what we have done, or what was done to us.   

We were born to be.  To be great.

For that reason, we must focus on our character, and developing that character, and not get hung up on our mistakes. 

Let the dead bury the dead.  Let the past remain the past.

No one will remember. 

No one will care.

Your memories will be a bit hazy too.

When you look in the mirror who do you see?  Do you see someone that makes you proud or do you avert your own gaze?  Someone memorable or forgettable?  Someone joyful or sad?

Don’t be so rough on yourself.

Remember that mistakes are events.  They happened. 

You are in the in the present.

The decision you make today, is not predetermined by what you did yesterday.

You are free to be.

Mistakes belong to the business of doing. 

Your life belongs to the art of living.

You won’t remember anyway, so take solace in your hope, by doing something today, that will make you into someone, you won’t hesitate to share tomorrow.

Forget your mistakes.  Don’t cover yourself with ugliness.  Don’t carry your regret and guilt alone.

Allow yourself to forget.

No one will remember.

Focus instead on who you are.

Who you dream to be.