Boudoir No. 2 - Lauren





A few weeks ago I posted the photos from a boudoir shoot with Summer and if you scroll through some of my earlier posts, you'll recall that Summer took Lauren's spot at the very last minute, when Lauren was sick.  

Our original plan was to do a pin up type of shoot, and we finally managed to see that through.  I think Lauren did a marvellous job transforming herself to a beautiful Norma Jean.  The boudoir images were an add on, but I think we worked well together.

I have booked a beautiful hotel room in Cobourg for 'An introduction to the Art of Boudoir'.  These are little mini-sessions that are scheduled for July 17.  Limited spots are still available and I can't wait to work with the some strong, beautiful, and determined women who have reserved their time.

If you are a fan of boudoir, there will be more images slowly trickling in over the next few weeks and months.

Thank you kindly for your patronage.














Boudoir No. 1 - Summer





The following words are Summer’s reflection on our recent Boudoir Session.  I decided to share it, because I think it shows why I love the art of photography so much.  There is so much beauty in the world.  There is so much greatness inside of us.  It is imperative that we help each other draw it out somehow.


I was super nervous to do my first boudoir shoot, but honestly,

I feel so accomplished, and damn beautiful!

Self-love has been an issue for me all my life,

and I still struggle with it,

but I'm so proud of myself for coming this far.


Thank you to everyone who has supported me through my journey.

No more putting things off.

I'm capable of so much and so are you.


Enough of selling ourselves short”.


Even though I took up photography almost two decades ago, this photo session was my first entry into Boudoir Photography and this was only my second time working with Summer.  I am glad we had a chance to work together again, as it made this session smoother.  A connection between photographer and client is very important to me.  I want everyone I work with comfortable.  I want them relaxed, because without it I am just a guy holding an expensive piece of glass.  Only human connectedness makes me an artist and transforms digital signals into beauty.

If you remember, Summer graciously took Lauren's spot recently, because Lauren was very ill.  It really worked out.  If you have a moment, you can read all about that experience.

Lauren's photos will be up soon as well.

As a side note.  It is becoming very clear that I don’t intend to be the type of photographer who one day will teach others how to become a better photographer.  I have zero desire to talk shop and explain the technical aspects of my craft.  I don't mind sharing how and why I do the things I do when asked, but I would rather send those inquisitive minds to some of the fabulous photographers I have learned from over the years.  They are really, really good, at what they do.  I see no reason to throw my hat in the ring.

My goal is to focus on the person.  My aim is the visual telling of a good story.  

Every Curve Tells a Story.

This is what I believe.

As I forge forward, I intend to tell many stories, and let the images speak for themselves.